Underground Cinema – Hotel

Once again the Underground Cinema team transported their guests to another world, this time it was the Republic of Zubrowka and in particular the main hotel in town, The Grand Budapest.

Upon arrival guests of Underground Cinema Hotel were treated to a delicious buffet of foods both sweet and savory before being entrusted with important missions by the ever attentive team of concierges.

Unfortunately the merrymaking was broken up by the meddlesome ZZs who were intent on checking that everyone’s transit papers were in fact in order.

Thankfully by means of some cunning disguises and the help of the Society of the Crossed Keys everyone was able to safely elude the ZZs and make it to the monastery where they were able to relax and enjoy the screening of the classic film upon which the evening had been based.

Underground Cinema will definitely go down as a classic event and if the show ever heads to Sydney it’s definitely one to check out!

As always for tickets or more information about Underground Cinema check out their website

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