Every family has a story to tell and I love helping them do it through photos.

Fun and relaxed, my sessions are something that everyone will enjoy.

Please get in touch and we can work out the best approach for your family, no matter how big or small.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear at a family portrait session

Where should we have our family portraits?

Wherever is convenient for you.

While lots of people choose to have the family portrait sessions at home, there really is no limit to the awesome places we can go. From beaches to parks or forests we can find a perfect spot for you and your family to explore. It’s also entirely possible to go outside the normal pretty places, I’ve shot family sessions in cafes, factories and even a bookshop. Have a think about where you and your loved ones would like to spend an hour or two.

Feel free to get in touch if you aren’t totally sure if your planned spot will be suitable.

When is the best time for a family session?

When everyone can be there.

From my side of things, the light is generally most flattering just before sunset (or sunrise for the truly committed) as an added bonus the chances of us being outside in uncomfortably hot weather is much lower then too. That said it’s far more important to find a time when you can get everyone together.

People have busy lives and fitting around their plans is the number one priority, especially if you’re trying to bring a lot of people together.

What should we wear to our family session?

The most important thing when dressing for a family session is that you are comfortable, these are photos of you and your loved ones and how you normally dress is part of that.

I usually recommend people dress as if they’re going to a birthday party, so maybe a notch or two up the smartness scale from every-day, maybe break out a new t-shirt or outfit and leave the oldest pair of jeans in the wardrobe.
As a general rule I try to steer people away from solid black clothes as they don’t photograph particularly well, big logos and slogans can also be distracting as can super strong patterns.

Something that can work very well is to try to tell a ‘colour story’ with your outfits, that way you look like a cohesive group while still letting everyone inject a bit of their own personality into their clothes. Things like ‘blue bottoms with cream tops’ or ‘neutrals and greens’ can work well as jumping off points.

I’m always happy to discuss your plans if you aren’t sure what might work best for you.

Can we bring our pets to our family session?

Absolutely, they’re part of the family too!

Just make sure if you’re bringing pets that haven’t met everyone else yet that you’ve checked with them for allergies or phobias (I’m 100% comfortable and allergy free).

It’s also often a good idea, if possible, to bring a friend along who can pet wrangle if we decide that we’d like to take some animal free photos too.

Any tips for the camera shy?

Over the past decade I’ve worked with families of all types and the key really is to forget about the camera and just hang out with your loved ones.

Let me worry about making you look awesome while you worry about having a great time!